Why Buy Property In Turkey?

Why Buy Property In Turkey?


Why should I buy estate in Turkey?

Turkey is the most important transit point for countries such as the Middle East, Asia and Europe. Today, with a population of 81 million, Turkey has the fastest growing and developing economy in the world. With its large domestic market, strong economy and easy transportation options, the Turkish real estate industry has developed enormously. In this respect, our country is a great opportunity for investors and buyers. There are many reasons from economic factors to cultural factors for buying property from here.

8 Reasons to Buy Real Estate from Turkey

  1. Strong Economy and Affordable Real Estate Prices

Today, Turkey is ranked 17th in the world. 2 of the developing European countries. its large economy is recognized. Its economy has tripled in the past 15 years. This indicates a very bright future. With its strong economy, it provides a space for buyers and investors to buy and sell real estate with confidence. For example, you can own real estate in Antalya with prices starting from 30,000 euros, and you can create great opportunities with rental guaranteed real estate for long-term profitable investments.

  1. Real Estate Diversity

With the real estate sector growing in the last decade of the Turkish real estate market, the portfolio diversity from studio apartments to villas has reached incredible levels. In our country, you can find many apartments and villas of different sizes, second-hand, off-plan, newly built, with sea views, in the city centre or away from the city noise. You can contact us to see villas and apartments for sale in our country or you can reach our portfolios here.

  1. Easy Purchase Processes

Ten years ago, buying property in Turkey was a process that required a long process for land deeds. The Turkish government has made this process easier. From the election of your house to the signing of the deeds, this process is completed in as little as a week. Antalya Homes is with you throughout this whole process. (Click here for more information on the purchase process.)

  1. Payment Terms

Compared to European countries, Turkey offers a low-price option in real estate sales. With the changing exchange rate, you can have a luxurious and comfortable life. Many construction companies in Turkey offer structured payment conditions ranging from 6 to 60 months on their off-plan or newly built projects. As Antalya Homes, we have more than 150 installment apartments and villas in our rich portfolio list.

  1. Living Costs

Compared to European countries, Turkey offers a low-price option in real estate sales. The annual costs of a property are incredibly cheap, especially when it comes to expenses such as municipal tax, water, electricity, satellite TV and internet connections. Living costs in Turkey are very low.

  1. Easy Transportation

Whether by land, or sea, whether you get the fluff, Turkey has an extensive transport network that facilitates commute to your home country. As it is a bridge between Europe and Asia, it is an ideal region for real estate purchases. Transportation systems are developing day by day in our country. International and national airline transportation is regular and cheap. In the summer, regular ferry services are organized to all Greek Islands. In addition, highways improvements have been made to make road transport faster and easier.

  1. Cultural Activities and Historical Sites

Turkey is home to many cultural heritage, natural beauty and Blue Flag beaches. You can participate in cultural activities in all major cities in our country. In addition, Turkey is a region where sports activities such as golf, rafting, climbing and diving are performed. Less mentioned but still one of the major reasons for buying property.

  1. High Investment Potential

Turkey has recently become a global centre for investment. Many foreign investors prefer Turkey for large investments. Turkey offers great investment opportunities with its real estate sector growing day by day. Since 2005, many foreign investors have entered the Turkish property market and taken profitable returns in the short term.

  1. Turkish Citizenship by Investment

With the decision published on 19.09.2018 on the Turkish Official Gazette, Turkish citizenship began to give directly to foreigners who buy at least 250.000 USD real estate in Turkey. Foreigners can now become Turkish citizens when they buy ready or under construction properties in Turkey worth 250.000 USD.


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